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The Fetish Academy 

 Workshop design & facilitation

Dissolving bodies into their
objects of desire

We acknowledge the stereotypes, archetypes and cliches of fetish and we want to rethink its meaning  through critical introspection and outspoken reflection.
How can we expand and apply this topic's  notion and meet the complexities of fetishized power structures? What performative strategies, economies  and ethics appear? How can fetish function as a catalyst for decolonial processes?


In this workshop we tease out a fetishization process where questions of bodies, erotics, desires and (im)/materialities will be explored. We aim to access these questions through abstraction and sensoric practice in devised group processes. 

Workshop designers

José Cecilio Orozco Martínez

Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh

Mari Pitkànen

17-17th of August 2021 Workshop: 

BA acting, Norwegian Theatre Academy:

Anna Rauhala, Anna Bjørgulf, Laura Spottag, Alba Greve Rasmussen, Vilde Jønland

Photo Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh

(from the top: Laura Spottag, Vilde Jønland, Anna Bjørgulf, Alba Greve Rasmussen, Anna Rauhala)

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