Moving a memory

29-31 July 2021      
PASSAGE Festival,
Skolen ved Rønneberg Allé, Helsingør

Moving a memory is a performance and an exhibition created for a gymnasium. Convoi Exceptionnel explores experiences and memories connected to this space which most of us have a relationship with. The smell of lacquered floor, thick rope, and wooden rib walls. Scheduled exercise activating a wide range of emotions. The gymnasium is charged with fear and joy. A place in the past and present. Stage director and set designer Jon R. Skulberg says: ‘You walk into the gymnasium, sense your feet on the floor. The marked floor lines reveal a regime of movement. Now it’s your chance redefine the hierarchy and explore a new kind of poetry.’

The Nordic gymnasium is a symbol of the fit body, disciplined and trained to obtain a good health. An architectural manifestation of public health. We challenge the space’s authority and give it another language. It’s an invitation to move your memory. 

Concept, space, stage direction:
Jon R. Skulberg

Wayson Poon 

Maiken Bent 

Composition and live music:
Paul Yip 

Wayson Poon, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Linette Stamp Christensen 

Additional dancer for Hongkong performances:
Kingsan Lo 

Astrid Hansen Holm

Creative producer:
Lene Bang  

Hongkong producer:
Carrol Ho Kalos Production

Tour manager:
Sigrid Aakvik

Scenography and production assistant: Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh 

Convoi Exceptionnel and Onthewayson 

PASSAGE Festival, Dansehallerne og Bora Bora 

Supported by:
Danish Arts Foundation, Arts Council Norway, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Cultural Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and City of Aarhus

Louise Herrche Serup