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Olga Regitze by Rune Svenningsen.jpg

Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh (she/her) danish scenographer, designer & artist

Olga explores world-making through objects, atmospheres and human bodies in all scales.  She
 is experienced in design of concert and theatre stages, film, public spaces & graphic design.

Questions surrounding the commodification of everyday tools & objects and the data biases in the designed world led to Olga's performative-scenographic research of the Agency of Things. The ongoing scenographic project examines the power dynamic between things/nonhuman bodies, human bodies and their context and how to tour and produce these in a sustainable way. 

Collaborators & friends: 
Convoi Exceptionnel, Jon R. Skulberg, 
Lil Lacy, Maja ZiskaArchitecture Ministry Production DesignMirte Bogaert & Project Respiration

CV //

(DK) +45 27240870 // (NO) +47 96634938
Epoque Studio ApS, Allégade 15C // Frederiksberg // CVR: 39750775 

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