Global Goals World Cup 

New York

Exhibition design // for Eir Soccer
UN week 2019, Hudson Yards,


Looking back on Eir Soccers journey of getting more women in soccer  and by it -  changing the game. 

The exhibition design derived from conversations with founder Majken Gilmartin and her efforts to get the major players of the soccer world to pay attention to the fact that many girls and younger players have a 90% risk of suffering a second injury in their teenage years, which will have them retire from the game before they ever reach their prime. Majken founded Eir and created the first balls calculated to fit 93% of the world’s female players. Majken and her team in GGWCUP has been fighting for attention on this course and the exhibition was our way of honoring that journey. 


For more information on the amazing work of GGWCUP:

See the collection and shop the ball here.

Three of the boards was sold to the Delegation of the European Union
to the United Nations and is now hanging
in their headquarters. 

Graphic design assistance: Garrett Nelson, Kathrine Birkbak

Trophy design: Olafur Eliasson 

GGWCUP is a not-for-profit corporation looking to grow and build an alternative World Cup to ladder up to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Agenda by giving women from all walks of life a new understanding of themselves and their place in the world.​

Panelist on:

"The connection between Global Goal 5 – Gender Equality – a and Global Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities"

SAP Next-Gen Lab, Hudson Yards, New York

Marlou Cornellissen – CEO, World Merit
Olga Regitze Høegh – Set Designer 
Shannon Schneeman – Executive Director, America Scores NY and Leadership Council member, Laureus USA
Tom Pitchon – MD, City Football Foundation

Moderator: Alexandra Chalat – Managing Director, Beyond Sport