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Twisted Skins, Distorted Realities

Project Type

Symposium, Food theatre


28.01.2022 // 6 PM


Norwegian Theatre Academy


Scenographer, chef, moderator

A Symposium.

„Twisted Skins, Distorted Realities'' was a performative dinner through which we wanted to spark a conversation with artists that deal with issues and questions similar to those within our own artistic landscapes.

How to deal with the autonomy of things in an artistic way? How to create spaces of experience - equalizing materialities and non-human bodies?
How to react artistically and critically to emerging topics such as the manipulation of our behaviour by Big Data companies in the Era of digital communication and processing?

Oslo-based artist Signe Becker and members of the German-based Laokoon Group Cosima Terrasse and Moritz Riesewieck joined us to dive into these questions

Signe Becker (NO)
Moritz Riesewieck (GER)
Cosima Terrasse (FR)

Hosted by
Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh & Alice Tomola

Culinary support
Carsten Kyster (DK)

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