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Ivar Furre Aam / Det ubevisste kollektivet

Avantgarden, Trondheim, (2016)

Trondelag teater, Trondheim (2016)

Ivar Furre Aam reveals the deceptions that make us – collectively – believe in the fictional. He brings us into a theatre that displays the most peculiar of human features: our willingness to be fooled. What happens to us when we are collectively seduced by tricks, and change from being individuals to becoming one big group? An enlightened person will know true from false, yet still allow him- or herself to be seduced.

Are we playing along because it is expected of us, or just to avoid disrupting the game?

Stammen is Ivar Furre Aam’s life-embracing and generous desire to make «something new» in a situation where everything has already been done. Perhaps the major problem of our time is that we lack that one important goal that we can, and must reach together.


Director og concept: 
Ivar Furre Aam

Karl Flyman,
Ivar Furre Aam

Runa Norheim

Jon R. Skulberg

Assistent scenographer:
Olga R. D. Høegh

Light design:
Kerstin Weimers

Light technician:
Daniel Takle Piel

Sound design:
Lars Ove Fossheim

Sound technician:
Sondre Christoffersen

Sofie Wilhelmine Andersen

Assistant producers:
Fride Næss Nonstad
Nora Elder

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