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VI - en ukjennt opera av Bach? 

WE – an unknown opera by Bach?

Johan Sebastian Bach, Siri & Thomas Jennefelt
& Convoi Exceptionnel
Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, Sweden (2019)

We - an unknown opera of Bach?’ is about the human dimension of a collective and how to reject the hierarchy between individual and collective - a choir and a soloist. How the individual is only legitimized by the collective. The project is a universal investigation and a democratic interpretation of ‘the sacred’ in Bach's music.


In ´We - an unknown opera of Bach?´ we will search for a movement language where different bodies can co-exist and be cohesive. Not by performing, or repeating gestures in unison, but by creating collective awareness around the potential of each body – in their abilities and limitations. The choir, dancers, and soloists, will create a holistic image in motion in unison with the music and light – an image that will oscillate between the known and the unknown. The everyday and the transcendent.

"Devastatingly beautiful"


"An absolutely fantastic performance ...
this is nothing like anything else"

Swedish Radio, P4.

"A genuine, professional teamwork
with high artistic ambitions."

"Norrlandsoperan really dared to experiment!"




Olof Bomann

Concept, choreography, direction: 

Jon R. Skulberg

Set design:
Maja Ziska

Light design:
Kerstin Weimers

Costume design:

Bente Rolandsdotter

Birgit Berndt

Scenography assistant:
Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh

Lene Bang

Vocals and dancers: 
Melis Jaatinen,
Yared Tilahun Cederlund,
Klara Ek,
Kenzo Kusuda,
Arash Azarbad,
Linda Blomqvist,
Joanna Holewa Chrona,
Risa Kojima

Norrlandsoperan choir
Norrlandsoperan Symphony orchestra



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