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Walking, Talking Minerals

Prague Quadrennial

Duration: 11 days from 8-18 June 2023 

17 bodies, tools and sand

Holešovice Market, Prague, Czech Republic 

Walking, Talking Minerals explores the relationship between humans and their surroundings - a landscape that we are constantly altering and dominating. The work manifested at PQ23 as  transforming tableaus of useless labor through 17 bodies, tools and local materials in a 11 day duration. The work is part of a performative macro scenography labored by bodies and tools guided by a score: Construct - Deconstruct - Compile - Scatter - Construct - Deconstruct - Compile - Scatter -


The on-going macro scenography consists of independent site & material specific adaptations: WTM#01, WTM#02 and WTM#03 developed and performed between Palmera Gallery in Bergen, Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, Norway and Overgaden in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


The work is created by artist Olga Regitze (she/her) graduated student from the Norwegian Theatre Academy with a master in scenography. Olga Regitze explores world-making through objects, atmospheres and human bodies in all scales. She works to deconstruct systems of signs and meanings of everyday tools & objects curious to unveil how things exist in a certain context. This work examines the power dynamics between things and human bodies entrapped in a loop of labor.


Walking, Talking Minerals was labored by performing scenographers, students from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and performers exploring how to ‘be’ in a scenographic performance context. 

Credit list



Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh

Performing scenographers

and students from the Norwegian Theatre Academy: Irina Komissarova, Lisa Birkenbach, Sólveig Ylva Dagsdóttir, Caroline Bang, Harry Osborn Wiström, Johan Oskar Rasmussen Sterner, Kelly-Ann La Juenesse, Leila Tóth, Milla Magndahl, Sara Midtskogen Haave, Soumi Saha, Sooryeo Kim and Vega Drake Carlsson from Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo  


Additional performances by

Clara Randum, Isak Myrberg Dahle, Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh and Regina Rex



Marc Hasselbalch

Scenography intern 

Santiago Gonzalez 



Karen Kipphoff 



Christian Bermudez 

Analogue photos by

Amanda Bødker

of performer Clara Randum 




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