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Walking, Talking Minerals 

Prague Quadrennial

8-18 June 2023 

Prague, Czech Republic 

A performative macro scenography of sand labored by bodies and tools, guided by a score. 


WTM - Walking, Talking Minerals explores the relationship between humans and their surroundings - a landscape that we are constantly trying to alter and dominate - manifested through bodies, tools and materials in transforming tableaus of useless labor. 


The project is a macro scenography consisting of four adaptations WTM#01, WTM#02 and WTM#03 developed between Palmera Gallery in Bergen, Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad and Overgaden in Copenhagen. WTM - Walking, Talking Minerals is designed as a score for context and material-specific productions - including its environment through its materials. 

Each worker creates a tool, as a collaborator for their actions. Each worker - each tool - labors a material for a duration of time. Every worker is bound to a tool for a duration of time

Construct - Deconstruct. Compile - Scatter 
Construct - Deconstruct. Compile - Scatter


This ongoing and continued artistic project examines the power dynamics between things and human bodies. WTM#4 is performed by performing scenographers and students from the Norwegian Theatre Academy in the ongoing task of moving minerals.

Artist: Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh

SoundMarc Hasselbalch 

Students from the Norwegian Theatre Academy:

Irina Komissarava, Lisa Birkenbach, Sólveig Ylva Dagsdóttir, Caroline Bang, Harry Osborn Wiström, Johan Oskar Rasmussen Sterner, Kelly-Ann La Juenesse, Leila Tóth, Milla Magndahl 

Sara Midtskogen Haave, Soumi Saha, Sooryeo Kim & Vega Drake Carlsson from Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo   

Curator: Karen Kipphoff

Producer: Christian Bermudez


IG: @agency_of_things

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