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Walking, Talking Minerals

04.03.2022 // 20.00

Norwegian Theatre academy
Black Box

Scenographic configuration of bodies - of things - on power structures, useless labour and stones

The second manifestation of the scenographic research of spatial-institutional contexts Walking, Talking Minerals. 

The first, WTM#01, was in Palmera Gallery in Bergen 2021 - the second was in the black box of Norwegian Theatre academy.

What is the power structure between these spatial formats, how do they fictionalize materials and can they be renegotiated through scenographic, choreographic and sound strategies? 



Concept, costume & scenography

Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh 



Mirte Bogaert 


Sound design & animation

Johan August Dyrløv Høegh 


The Norwegian Theatre Academy

Huge thanks to
Tim Finset-Karlsen Petterson,
Ulf Knudsen & Sodja Lotker

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